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Let's Start Your Journey of Self Clarity, Together..!

Why Join Us?

Career Clarity Club is a community where we are committed to the Understanding of Self before everything else.

This is a Community which Embraces You, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, because YOU ARE SPECIAL and UNIQUE in your own way.

We are not here to suggest a list of Careers to choose from, but emphasise on the importance of Understanding Your STRENGTHS & LIMITATIONS, INTERESTS & INCLINATIONS, GOALS & FEARS.

Choice of Your Career Niche is a by-product of having better Self Clarity and Understanding of the Path to be Trodden in Your Life.

Preference of Your Career Niche is a combination of Your Identity Traits and Your Preferred Learning Environments among other external factors. So the Decision of Your Niche has to be a consequence of Your Internal Traits and Interests, not the external factors.

Remember, 'The Path to Clarity always STARTS FROM SELF'.

If you are a person who wants to answer the 'WHY?'s of Your Life and Choices, then you have landed on the Right Spot at the Right Time.

You're just a step away from starting 

What's Inside?

Silver Membership: Lifetime Access to Our Flagship and its Supplementary Courses in Level One.

  • Flagship Course in Your Silver Membership

    • Career Clarity Blueprint - This is a 3-day Coaching Course of Self Assessments and Live Interactions with me. This is Your Journey, 'From the Clarity of Self to that of Your Career Niches'.
    • This lays the foundation and attempts to answer the 'WHY?' of Your Choices at every step of Your Life.
  • Bonus Courses -These are the Supplementary Courses for Career Clarity Blueprint. The Concepts that we touch upon in the Flagship Course would be dealt with, in detail here.
    • Decision Making Blueprint - This is where you get to understand Your Natural Inclination towards the different Quadrants of Decision Making.
    • Identity Matrix Blueprint - The Personalities and their combinations that form Your Identity or Character.
    • Learning Environments Blueprint - The most suitable Learning Environment or the combinations based on Your Preferred Learning Styles.
    • Creativity Matrix Blueprint - Get ready to Burst the Stereotypical Bubbles about Your Creative Styles.
    • Communication Clarity Blueprint -  It is not always about 'What You Convey', more often, it is about 'How You Convey' a message. Know Your 'HOW' language.

Join Us and Become a Silver Member Now!

What's Next After Career Clarity?

Well, the Actual Fun begins after you understand Your Career Niche.

The Next Level is about 'INNER CLARITY' and that's where you get to go deeper into understanding Yourself and your surroundings, using my tool of 'Fingerprint Analysis', which is my Flagship offering in Level Two. 

Post that you can choose the role you want to play, within the community or outside, be it;

  • A Self-preneur
  • An Intra-preneur or
  • An Entrepreneur

Well, that's way too long-term, but just be sure that once you're done with the 'Career Clarity' course, we do not leave you all alone in the wild. We are a community and we stand by YOU, as you'll always be One of Us, as long as you're a part of the Career Clarity Club. 

Dreams are BIG and this is just the Beginning.

Waiting for Something? Just Hop On-board...!

What is The Clarity Club?

This is a place where we come together with one of the most fundamental agendas in mind, "UNDERSTANDING OF SELF".

The Clarity Club is a community made for people who are seeking for answers; about themselves, about their lives, about the opportunities and more importantly about their 'BEING'

This is a gateway to get introduced to a Better Version of Yourself but the question is;


Who is it for?

Now this is an interesting question to answer. 

There's literally no limit to to who The Clarity Club is for, as long as you are willing to explore new things both internally and externally. 


If you're a Student who's looking for answers in terms of your 'Career Clarity and Direction', so that you don'r regret your choices later in Life, well we have got you covered.

If you're a Working Professional who's seeking for a direction in Life so that you come back home satisfied at the end of your day, we have experts to help you out.

If you're a Person looking to improve your Health or Relationships with yourself and your loved ones, so that you don't have to go to sleep with remorse every night, you'll find all the help you need.


If you're an Institution looking for an invaluable resources in terms of Career Assessments, Counsellors or Coaches to work with, for the benefit of your Students and to that of your own USP, then The Clarity Club Panel is the place to look for, so that you get the best of services from a pool of experts in their respective fields.

If you're an Institution who can do with a bit of organising your Course & Curriculum and manage your Students & Staff all under one roof, so that there's less hassle and one less thing for you to worry about, then The Clarity Club LMS (Learning Management System), provides you a great platform to control your Online Environment.

If you're an Institution who's eager to showcase your prowess and expertise, so that you make yourself visible to a larger audience, then The Clarity Club Marketplace is where you can do wonders in terms of letting the world know where you come from, what is it that you're looking to achieve and where you want to reach.

In short, whatever is your requirement, we'll help you find an answer to your confusion, with CLARITY.

Who are we dealing with here?

The Team

Karthik Narayana Reddy
- Fingerprint Analysis Expert - for Personality & Career Assessments
- A Life Coach - specialised in Self-Clarity
- An Author - of the book 'Introducing You to Yourself'
- An Aspiring Speaker - Keynote & Motivational

Reenu Sebastian
- Certified NLP practitioner
- JSCS certified life and success coach
- BSTA Diamond certified coach
- An inspiring Keynote and motivational speaker

Steffi Prasad
- Mindshift Coach - for living an extraordinary life
- Certified Transformation Coach
- Certified Child Counselling Facilitator
- Certified in Corporate leadership program by Iron Lady, Tata Insititute of social science
- Keynote and motivational speaker

Deepta Manohar
- Acutouch Therapist*
- Self Mastery Coach- specialised in Energy of our Body
- An Author- Six Secrets to Doctor Yourself
- Healed 1000+ people to reverse their diseases.
- Conducted Awareness programs and helped 2000+ people to live a healthy way of life.

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